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Experts and scholars discuss the development of dredging equipment industry

On July 11, the dredging Forum of the 2023 China Sailing Day Activity Week was held in Cangzhou. 86 experts and scholars from the government, enterprises, universities and member units of the China Dredging Association gathered to discuss the problems encountered in the development of dredging operations and dredging technology.

The forum was sponsored by China Society of Navigation, Cangzhou Municipal People's Government, National Energy Group, Water Transport Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, China Communications Construction Group Co., LTD., China Dredging Association, and hosted by China Communications Aviation Bureau. With the theme of "The Silk Road Voyage as a major instrument of great power", the forum invited 8 experts and scholars to exchange and discuss the status quo of high-quality development of dredging industry and related major topics in the future. Experts and scholars respectively shared themes from eight directions, including the development trend of dredger technology, the research and development of leading cutter suction ship, and the exploration and application prospect of intelligent dredging operating system, and analyzed the key technologies of high-performance dredging equipment, the application of green technology, and intelligent dredging technology and other scientific and technological innovation means from multiple angles, layers and dimensions. The successful holding of the forum will play a positive role in further strengthening exchanges and cooperation, solving technical problems in dredging, extending the dredging industry chain, and enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the dredging industry.

At the forum, a national round of state-made cultural exhibition was also held simultaneously, showing the three stages of the development of dredging equipment in China from scratch, from small to large, from large to strong, as well as the scientific and technological innovation achievements in the construction of key technological equipment in dredging.


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