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International level "Dredging Technology Conference" opened in Guangdong

On July 12, the 6th China International Dredging Technology Development Conference was grand opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian). 

The two-day conference, with the theme of "Dredging Innovation and green, low-carbon and sustainable development", set up international exchanges, standard conferences, overseas project exchanges, equipment and technology exchanges and other links, brought together the world's well-known experts in the dredging industry, the heads of member units of China Dredging Association, and more than 100 scholars and senior insiders from all over the country. Exchanges and discussions were conducted on the development and innovative response strategies of the dredging industry, the application of new technologies such as intelligence, ecological environmental protection and Marine industry transformation.

The China International Dredging Technology Development Conference is an industry event held by the China Dredging Association and the Eastern Dredging Association of the World Dredging Federation, dredging related enterprises, universities, research institutes and other institutions, and is undertaken by the China Communications and Guangzhou Aviation Bureau.

In addition, the 2023 Shenzhen International Dredging Technology and Equipment Exhibition was also held at the same time as the conference, comprehensively displaying the latest technological products and equipment of the dredging industry at home and abroad.


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